Certificate Validation

This page needs local browser storage for proper functioning. Please allow local storage for this page in your browser or browser plugins settings. Note that we do neither store your information on our servers nor analyze or share your information for any purpose.

This page gives an overview of the courses you attended and the hours you have achieved in the different course topics. Please carefully check all listings shown on this page for correctness. 

The validation section shows you the SECEC/ESSSE certification requirements and which of the requirements you fullfill given the course hours you have achieved. If you meet all requirements, controls for generating an application PDF should appear below the validation section.

Visited Courses

Please check the following list of courses and correct if necessary using the course selection tool. You can still add or delete courses.

Completed Hours

This is an overview of your completed hours. The rows represent the courses, the columns represent the different course topics. You can move your mouse over the row or column headings to see more details on the courses and course topics, respectively.


Your completed hours have been validated against the SECEC/ESSSE certification requirements. The table in the following shows all requirements and compares them with your completed hours.

Please check your selection of courses and the result of the validation process before printing the application and sending it to the SECEC/ESSSE office.

Congratulations, all SECEC / ESSSE certificate requirements are met! Create a PDF for your application below.

We are sorry, not all SECEC / ESSSE certificate requirements are met. The table above shows which topics need additional training. Take a look at our upcoming patronages & meetings.

Create Application PDF

Please fill in the following fields. They will appear in the generated PDF of your application. Please provide valid data so we can get in touch with you about your application.

Why do you need to disclose personal data? You data is exclusively used for generating the PDF for your certificate application. We will not store your data or share it with anyone else!

PDF generation is only possible if all SECEC / ESSSE certificate requirements are met.

Use the button below to create a PDF for your SECEC / ESSSE certificate application.

Sending in Your Application

Does your PDF look correct? Well done! Please sign it and send in your application via email. See our "How to Apply" section for more information.