SECEC/ESSSE Certification

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Dear SECEC/ESSSE member,

we are pleased to welcome you to our website for the application of the SECEC/ESSSE Shoulder and Elbow certificate.

The SECEC/ESSSE as a scientific society formed an optional advanced training with the focus on shoulder and elbow surgery. The aim is a structured and standardized curriculum with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the shoulder and elbow joint.

SECEC/ESSSE Certification

The curriculum is based on the SECEC/ESSSE patronage system for events in the field of shoulder and elbow surgery. The aim is to offer and certify structured training in shoulder and elbow surgery. The curriculum is based on thematically defined modules. For each module, a minimum number of attended hours is defined.

The cooperation with other orthopaedic as well as shoulder and elbow societies is based on the mutual recognition and complementation of training events and is well coordinated. The total number of hours (100 for shoulder and 50 for elbow surgery) can be achieved in several courses. In addition, a fellowship must be obtained during the curriculum at a certified SECEC/ESSSE center.

Application for a Certificate

Once you have reached the required number of hours by attending SECEC/ESSSE certified courses, you can use this website to create an application for the SECEC/ESSSE certificate and email it to the SECEC/ESSSE office. See below for further instructions.


Good luck with your application!


How to Apply for a SECEC/ESSSE Certificate

Selection of Courses

The first step in applying for your certificate is selecting all the courses you have attended.

Certificate Validation

The certificate validation gives you an overview of your achieved hours and whether they meet the SECEC/ESSSE certification requirements.

Application PDF

If all certification requirements are met, a button will appear for generating a PDF file for your application. Please read and check the contents of the PDF carefully.

Sending in Your Application

Was the validation successful and does your PDF file look correct? Well done! You will have to sign it before you can send your application to the SECEC/ESSSE office. Please try sending your application by email to

The subject line should have the following form: Certificate application, [your name].

Your email should contain the following attachments:

  1. The application PDF that you generated using this website
  2. The first page of the application PDF with your signature (print, sign, scan, attach)
  3. Scans of the certificates of attendance for all courses listed in your application PDF

Note that the size of your attachments must be less than 24 MB per email. If your attachments exceed this limit, you should consider splitting your application into multiple emails. Add a simple number starting at "1" at the end of the subject line if you need to split your application.

We strongly recommend submitting applications by email. If you really can't send your application by email, you may send a printout of all the attachments mentioned above to the following address:

       SECEC/ESSSE Office - Sylvie Noel
       69 Boulevard des Canuts
       69004 Lyon